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Image Transfer On A Pendant

Image Transfer.

Cherry Heaven USB Loudspeakers

Image Transfer Solution is a liquid medium used to transfer paper-based images onto metal and many other non-porous surfaces, including pieces made from metal clay. The original surface shows through the unprinted part of the image, creating a semi-transparent, timeless, soft, ethereal look.


Image Transfer.

Image Transfer Product

Image Transfer Paper is a special paper designed to be used with Image Transfer Solution. Print your own image, using a laser toner printer, not an inkjet. Trim it to size, and you're ready to apply it to fired pieces made from Aida Art Clay or Mitsubishi PMC silver clay.

Matte the surface evenly with some fine wet and dry or other mild abrasive. Apply the ITS with a small brush, press the image onto the surface, remove any excess solution, and dry it. After drying, heat the piece at 160°C for 30 minutes. After cooling, soak the piece in water for 10 minutes, remove the paper, and clean up the edges.

Image Transfer has been developed by Sherri Haab in the US. Comprehensive instructions are included with the product although, as with many materials, make time to experiment rather than accept general recommendations as definitive.


Image Transfer.

Cherry Heaven TV provides on-line radio and television programmes using the Cherry Heaven Player. To play, pause, or stop the player, or adjust the volume, click the controls or, whilst it's playing, drag the time-line slider to a new position.

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Cherry Heaven USB Speakers.

If you're using a notebook computer, the audio quality will probably be poor and not loud enough. To remedy this, you need some external loudspeakers:

The Cherry Heaven USB Stereo Loudspeakers don't need batteries, installing, or setting up: they're powered by the computer's USB socket and driven by the stereo-out socket. You can buy stereo loudspeakers in the on-line shop.

External loudspeakers will improve your enjoyment of music cds, mp3 tracks, on-line movies, dvd movies, video camera movies, games, youtube, and net-phone applications.

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