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The Prometheus Pro 7 Prg For Jewellery And Enamelling
UK To EU Plug Adapter.
Ceramic Block.
Ceramic Cloth.
EU Plug.
UK-EU Adapter.
Dry Powder Extinguisher.
Glare Resistant Glasses.
HEPA Mask.
heat-resistant Gloves.
Kitiki Cutters.
Kitiki Flush Cutters.
Kitiki Flat-Nose Pliers.
Kitiki Pointed-Nose Pliers.
Kitiki Bent-Nose Pliers.
Kitiki Round-Nose Pliers.
Protective Glasses.
Potter & Brumfield Relay.
Dorset, SW England.
UK 13A Plug.
The AX-4 Digital Controller.
MiniKiln Closed.
Prometheus Pro-7.
Large Rubber Drum 950gm Open
Bartlett-Paragon Touch Screen Digital Controller.
Paragon BlueBird Bead Annealing Kiln.
Lauscha by Carrie Fertig.
Activated Charcoal Granules.
Paragon Caldera Ceramics Kiln.
Paragon Caldera Bead Kiln.
Paragon Fusion CS14D Glass Kiln.
Paragon Fusion CS14SB Glass And Bead Kiln.
Paragon Caldera XL Ceramics Kiln.
Paragon F500 Lampwork Kiln.
Paragon FireFly Ceramics Kiln.
Paragon Fusion 7 Glass Kiln.
Paragon Fusion 8 Glass Kiln.
Paragon GL18ADTSD Glass Kiln.
Paragon HT-14D Heat Treating Furnace.
Paragon Janus 1613 Ceramics Kiln.
Paragon KM18D Knife Making Oven.
Paragon-Orton Vent Master: Unassembled.
Paragon-Orton Vent Master: Suction Cup.
Paragon Pearl 18 Glass Kiln.
Paragon PMT21 Heat Treating Kiln.
Paragon Door Peephole And Vent.
Stainless Steel Pans.
Paragon SC-2 Black Jewellery Kiln.
Paragon SC2 Jewellery Kiln.
Paragon SC2B Bead-Door Kiln.
Paragon SC2W Enamelling Kiln.
Paragon SC4 Glass Kiln.
Paragon SC2BW Jewellery And Bead Kiln.
Paragon SC2D Pro-3 Jewellery Kiln.
Paragon SC2 Shelf Kit.
Paragon SC-2 Jade Jewellery Kiln.
Paragon SC-2 Black Jewellery Kiln.
Orton-Paragon Sentry Xpress Programmer.
Orton-Paragon Sentry Programmer.
Bartlett-Paragon Sentinel Touch-Screen Controller.
Paragon SC-2 Pink Jewellery Kiln.
Paragon SC-2 Pro Black Jewellery Kiln.
Paragon SC-2 Turqoise Jewellery Kiln.
Paragon SC-2 Purple Jewellery Kiln.
Paragon SC-2 Navy Jewellery Kiln.
Paragon SC-2 Berry Jewellery Kiln.
Paragon ST-8 Kiln Table.
Paragon ST-8 Kiln Table With Casters.
Paragon TNF 1613 Ceramics Kiln.
Paragon GL24 Kiln Table.
Paragon Xpress 1613 Top Row Of Bricks.
Paragon W Lost-Wax Casting Kiln.
Paragon Lost-Wax Burnout Tray.
USB Plug.
Paragon Xpress E-12 Jewellery Kiln.
Paragon Xpress E-12B Bead Kiln.
Paragon Xpress E-14 Glass Kiln.
Paragon Xpress Q-11 Ceramics Kiln.

Prometheus Pro-1 and Pro-7 Kilns For Art Clay, PMC, Metal Clays, Annealing Beads, Enamelling, Fusing Glass, And Heat Treating.

Prometheus Kilns is an on-line shop for kilns. They're generally used for jewellery making, bead annealing, enamels, glass fusing, firing silver clays, and heat treating, although they have other applications.

Choose from the Kitiki Mini-Kiln, the Prometheus Pro 1, and the Prometheus Pro 7 Programmable: table-top kilns that can use a regular UK-EU mains socket.

Cherry Heaven is a UK-EU distributor for kilns, providing comprehensive advice, free competent technical support, a prompt repair workshop, and telephone time if you have to fit parts: all valuable services. If you need help, use the mail link, below the menu bar near the top-right of any page, or call .


Prices And Shopping On Line.

For prices, use the shop link below the menu bar near the top-right of any page. They're for UK-EU voltage, CE-marked kilns, and include comprehensive instructions, a kiln shelf, UK VAT, and UK mainland deliverry.


Navigating The Prometheus Kilns Web Site.

Nearly everything is one click away: use a link below the menu bar near the top of the page to learn more, mail questions, or shop on line. To confirm your destination, the link will change colour just before you click.

There are very few clickable links in the text. However, there are lots of mouse-over words that generate context-sensitive pop-ups: a useful, and optional, way of explaining things. Try it here, although pop-ups might not work on a small screen.


Paragon Kilns, Electric Kilns, Kitiki Kilns, or Prometheus Kilns? Or Mail Or Call Cherry Heaven.

I've separated all the kilns into two very general groups on two separate internet resources, although there's cross-over. If you want to switch resources, use the links above the menu bar near the top of the page.

Electric Kilns is generally for smaller plug-in table-top kilns usually used for small-scale work such as annealing beads, Art Clay metal clays, dichroics, enamels, glass fusing, jewellery, lampwork, PMC silver clay, porcelain, and vitrigraph.

Paragon Kilns is generally for larger wired-in floor-standing or table-top kilns usually used for business-scale work such as annealing, casting, ceramics, earthenware, glass panels, heat treating, making knives, porcelain, pottery, and raku.

Prometheus Pro-1 MiniKiln For Enamelling, Jewellery, And Metal Clays Prometheus Pro-7 Kiln For Art Clay, PMC, Fusing Glass, Jewellery, And Metal Clays AX-4 Digital Controller Orton AutoFire Express Digital Programmer

A Quick Look At The Prometheus MiniKiln and The Pro-7 Programmable.

I've previewed two popular kilns, below. However, to learn more about them, or other kilns, use the links below the menu bar near the top of the page. Then, for prices, use the shop link.

They're typically used for making jewellery, annealing beads and glass, fusing glass, firing metal clays, painting china, crucible work, applying decals, dental work, fusing dichroic glasses, enamelling, fire polishing, glass art, glass casting, fusing, sagging, and slumping, glass clays, forming glass panels, heat treating, laboratory testing, lampwork, lost-wax casting, melting gold and silver, firing bronze and copper metal clays, moulding gun and model parts, pâte de verre, raku, sintering gold and silver clays, staining glass, hardening, and tempering blades, cutters, dies, and tools, and many other materials and processes.

Small kilns are more economic for jewellery-making, so you can use most popular small-scale materials such as Accent Gold, Art Clay metal clays, BullsEye glasses, dichroic glasses, enamels, GlasClay, Image Transfer Solution, Metal Clay Veneer, PMC silver clay, Prometheus bronze clay, ProCopper clay, and SilverEtch.
And there's an increasingly diverse range of other metal clays, such as Cinter, Clay Mania, Creative, Goldie, Hadar Jacobson, Metal Adventures, Meteor, Noble, and PMC Sterling.

You can make architectural parts, badges, beads, bowls, bracelets, brooches, buttons, candle holders, charms, china dolls, decorations, earrings, figurines, fingerprint keepsakes, glass-art, glass panels, jewellery, lampshades, medals, miniatures, models, mugs, necklaces, ornaments, pendants, plates, pet-id tags, rings, souvenirs, stained-glass designs, tableware, thimbles, tiaras, tiles, tools, and trinkets, as unique hand-crafted pieces or repeatable stock for sale.

They're ideal for your arts centre, science college, course venue, craft studio, dental or medical laboratory, engineering facilty, glass works, jewellery studio, machine shop, metal-work factory, research unit, school, technical facility, or university.

Prometheus Pro-1 Kitiki MiniKiln For Jewellery, Enamelling, And Glass Work AX-4 Digital Controller

The Prometheus Pro-1 MiniKiln For Art Clay And PMC Silver Clays, Dichroic Glasses, Enamelling, Glass Fusing, And Metal Clays.

The Kitiki Mini-Kiln Pro-1 is a 1000°C, rectangular, front-opening, plug-in, table-top, ceramic-fibre kiln, with an AX4 4-key digital controller.

The Kitiki MiniKiln is probably the most popular mini kiln in the UK and ideal for your home, school, course venue, craft workshop, or jewellery studio as it only weighs about 6Kg. It's guaranteed for two years.

The Kitiki MiniKiln is sometimes called an Art Clay kiln, a craft kiln, an enamelling kiln, a glass fusing kiln, a jewellery kiln, a hobby kiln, a metal clay kiln, a PMC kiln, a Prometheus Kiln, a Prometheus Pro-1 Kiln, a SilverClay kiln, or a trinkets kiln: a measure of its popularity.

To learn more about the Prometheus MiniKiln, click here, or use the minikiln link near the top of the page, then use the shop link. Prices include UK VAT, a kiln shelf, and UK-mainland delivery.

Kitiki Prometheus Pro-7 PRG For Jewellery And Glass Work Kitiki Prometheus Pro-7 PRG For Jewellery And Enamelling Orton AutoFire Express Digital Programmer

The Prometheus Pro-7 PRG For ArtClay, PMC, Annealing Beads, Dichroic Glasses, Enamels, Fusing Glass, Heat Treating, And Metal Clays.

The Prometheus Pro 7 is an 1150°C, rectangular, front-opening, plug-in, table-top, ceramic-fibre kiln, with a ramp-hold Orton AutoFire Express 3-key digital controller.

The Prometheus Pro-7 PRG is a popular kiln in the UK and ideal for a home hobby, small business, or studio. You can fire metal clays on several shelves, anneal beads on five mandrels, do enamelling, fuse glass, and heat-treat metals.

Some bronze and copper clays need to be embedded in activated charcoal granules in a stainless steel container: the PRO-7 can hold a one-litre container. You can buy charcoals and pans in the on-line shop.

To learn more about the Prometheus Pro-7, click here, or use the pro-7 link near the top of the page, then use the shop link. Prices include UK VAT, a kiln shelf, and UK-mainland delivery.


Prices For Electric Kilns.

The internet is an unchecked resource: everything is described as the best, the newest, or the cheapest, and it's being sold by the premier dealer. Here are some things to consider:

Net-prices can be misleading because it's increasingly common to obscure UK VAT, shelf kits, and delivery until you finally check your basket. In the past, our popular Paragon SC2 was up to £120 more expensive elsewhere: delivery was £35. On another site, it was £80 more expensive: delivery was extra. On another, it was £30 more expensive: but no shelf kit.

List do you need help choosing your kiln?
List is your prime interest jewellery, glass, beads, ceramics, heat treating, making knives ...?
List is it for home use, a small business, a course venue, or a commercial studio?
List can you ask about any kiln from the whole range?
List is a built-in digital automatic programmer included?
List or is the programmer in a separate box with loose wires on your worktop?
List would you like a touch-screen programmer?
List would you like an electric kiln vent, a gas injection system, or a USB computer interface?
List what maximum temperature will you need?
List would you like a choice of colours?
List would you like a a bead-annealing door, a viewing window, or both?
List would you like a USB computer interface, an electric vent, or a gas-injection system?
List smaller kilns should come with a pro shelf and posts: not a thin fibre shelf.
List larger kilns have shelf options depending on how you like to arrange your work.
List can you call someone, if you're not sure what to do?
List will you get detailed and prompt techical support?
List if you need spare parts, who has them?
List if you want to repair your kiln, who'll help you?
List if you don't want to repair your kiln, who'll do it?
List is UK VAT included in the headline price?
List for kilns that weigh less than 30kg, is UK mainland delivery is included?
List can your kiln be delivered to any country?

As far as I know, most distributors and re-sellers don't offer comprehensive advice, free competent technical support, a prompt repair workshop, and telephone time if you have to fit parts: all valuable services.

Shelf Kit Art Clay Slver Clay Kitiki Pliers And Cutters Beach ST7 Industrial Tumbler

Accessories, Materials, Tools, And Tumblers.

There's a wide range of kiln options, accessories, spare parts, materials, precision tools, safety equipment, and tumblers. To learn more, use the accessories link below the menu bar near the top of the page.

Prometheus Pro-1 Kitiki MiniKiln For Jewellery, Enamelling, And Glass Work

Prometheus Kilns For Annealing Beads, Glass, Metal Clays, Heat Treating, AndLampwork

is a Cherry Heaven internet resource. It's a top-tier international distributor for Texas-made Paragon kilns, furnaces, ovens, and accessories, and has been one of their top-selling partners from 2006 to : a pleasing outcome since the UK is only one third the area of Texas and one fortieth the area of the US.

As this is an on-line resource, there isn't a paper catalogue or a price list. However, you can mail or call a technician about kilns, power supplies, public area safety, a special project, business ideas, diagnostics, repairs, or reselling opportunities.

Cherry Blossom.

Cherry Heaven Limited, West Holme Cottage, West Holme, Wareham, BH20 6AQ, Dorset, England.

Cherry Heaven was the name of the design studio in Kensington, West London, then the shop in Corfe Castle, Dorset. It's now an on-line distributor and retailer in West Holme, Dorset, South-West England. Although there's no longer a real shop, Cherry Heaven is still the working name.

The surrounding countryside includes green farmland, dramatic heritage cliffs, pretty stone cottages, historic buildings, sandy beaches, protected coves, open heathland, hill-top panoramic views, market towns, and peaceful villages. And lively seaside resorts. To look at some photos, use the dorset:photos link below the menu bar near the top of the page.

Paragon Industries Logo.

Paragon Industries Incorporated, 2011 South Town East Boulevard, Mesquite, Texas, 75149-1122, USA.

Paragon Industries started as a family business in 1948. It's now the world's leading manufacturer of kilns and furnaces, and has built over 440,000 in 4,000 variants. The 6,700 square-metre site, in Mesquite, Texas, USA, has 67 full-time staff.

During manufacture, every kiln is checked at every stage by a technician and signed-off before shipping. They're simply but robustly engineered, and you're buying a comprehensive, versatile, safe, low-cost kiln: a kiln with a future.

Paragon kilns are TUV tested, and CL and CSA approved for the US, and are CE Marked for the EU. Paragon is Greek for Model Of Perfection.

Kitiki Art Clay Course.

The Kitiki Studio's Art Clay Classes And Courses.

The Kitiki Studio provided an Art Clay educational programme, as classes, masterclasses, workshops, and Art Clay Level 1 and Level 2 certification. However, as we're in a rural area, I now recommend teachers that might be nearer, so call or mail.

Distribution And Trade Discounts For Paragon Kilns.

Discounts, Trade Prices, And Business Opportunities.

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